Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Freebie Printable!

Another month is upon us, and with it comes a new freebie printable! For many of us, the holidays are in full swing. We are busy shopping, wrapping, baking, mailing, and if your anything like me, trying not to pull your hair out! I thought I would try to make things a little easier by creating a holiday themed printable that could be used as part of your own home decor, printed and given has a quick gift, or distributed to church groups or neighbor gifts. Merry Christmas from PeaBee Designs!

Please remember these printables, and all others from PeaBee Designs, are intended for personal or church use only. They are not to be resold or used commercially in any form.
To download the 8x10 all red print click HERE
To download the 5x7 all red print click HERE
 To download the 8x10 red and green print click HERE
To download the 5x7 red and green print click HERE

Make sure to check out my shop to see if there are any other things that could make your holidays a little easier this season! Also remember I do custom orders and custom Christmas cards! Contact me at for more info!

Monday, November 12, 2012

November FREEBIE and Advent Calendar Tutorial

I love the magic of Christmastime. One of my favorite childhood memories is getting to open the advent calendar my mom had. She just bought one from the store each year that had the little chocolates inside. My younger brother and I would each get a turn opening the little doors for each day in December. One year, my brother snuck into the kitchen and ate all the chocolates for the entire month. I wish I could say he got coal that year for Christmas; in my mind he should have. :) Now, it's turned into a funny story that we laugh about as adults.

I have a daughter who is just at the right age to begin to understand Christmas and all the wonders of the season. Of course I had to have an advent calendar for her! But I wanted one with little more than just a chocolate candy each day. I envisioned a calendar that had space to put in a slip of paper with a Christmas activity (ex: watch a Christmas movie as a family with hot chocolate and popcorn, drive around and look at Christmas light, build a snowman, decorate sugar cookies, etc..) I also wanted to write a scripture for each day, so my daughter would understand  that, for us, Christmas is more than lights, candy, and presents. 

I have seen several ideas online for making different kinds of advent calendars: everything from using muffin tins to tiny decorated envelopes to bags on a garland.  I don't necessarily like the look of the muffin tin calendars. I still want something a little nicer to hang on my wall, not a muffin tin. And I am not near crafty enough to spend the time making little envelopes with scrapbook paper, ribbon, and stickers or sewing bags for a garland. Then, I saw an idea for a calendar using matchboxes and my idea was born.

I tweaked the original idea a bit. The original idea I saw still had you decorate the outside of the matchboxes with scrapbook paper, ribbon, and stickers. I don't do that. I wanted something easy to put together but still cute. The original idea also had you stick the matchboxes to a cookie sheet. This was okay. I think you could use a ribbon on the back to hang it on your wall and it would look alright. You could even spray paint the cookie sheet or apply scrapbook paper to it, but I still wasn't crazy about that. My husband had some extra tin laying around from an old project, so I asked him to cut it for me to use for our calendar.

My version of the matchbox advent calendar:
Materials Needed:
  • 25 small matchboxes
  • small round magnets 
  • a piece of tin (either a cookie sheet or you can buy tin at home improvement stores)
  • long piece of ribbon to use as hanger
  • download THIS advent calendar topper and print on card-stock
to download this print, click HERE

First, I opened all of the matchboxes and put the matches in a plastic baggie for some later use. Then, I used white acrylic paint to quickly paint over the boxes (you can use any color). I didn't worry too much about the tops and bottoms since no one was going to really see those. I just gave them a quick coat. I used a sponge brush to kind of dab over the strip where you strike the match. It took a few coats to completely cover the strip. But the boxes are small and it didn't take that long. Let dry.
I would not recommend using spraypaint for these. I tried doing that at first, but the gust from the spraypaint bottle just blew the boxes all over the place. Paint is the way to go.

I printed the advent calendar tops on card-stock, cut them out (just cut along the black lines) and used rubber cement to glue them to the tops of the matchboxes.
Now, apply the magnets to the back of the boxes and stick on your cookie sheet or piece of tin. WAH-LAH, you now have an advent calendar! I am going to have my husband drill holes in the tin so I can use ribbon as a hanger for my wall. You could put a vinyl saying across the top of your cookie sheet or piece of tin, or add any other accents. Have fun, make it your own!
NOTE that if you arrange the boxes in rows of 4 across, it spreads the designs out a little better.

On my calendar, I chose not to use the the marker for the 25th of December. One because I am anal retentive and wanted my rows to be even :) and the other reason is the 25th is already kind of a big day so, in my opinion, a box is not really needed. But I did include a box for the 25th on the template if you want to use it.

Now, all you need to do is find things to go inside the boxes. These matchboxes could hold a small treat, or like I am going to do, a slip of paper with a Christmas craft, family activity, service project, special Christmas book or movie to read/watch, a scripture verse...there are so many fun possibilities!

As I got thinking about where to hang my advent calendar, another thought occurred to me: You don't really even NEED a cookie sheet or tin if you don't want to. You can hang this on your fridge! If you have little ones (like I do) and want to keep the calendar out of reach, or maybe you just don't want to poke another hole in your wall to hang something up, your fridge is the perfect spot.

 I plan to put my matchboxes in a small tubberware container to store with our Christmas things. I hope that our family advent calendar becomes a fun tradition my children look forward to year after year! ENJOY!

Don't forget that PeaBee Designs does custom Christmas cards! Contact me for orders. Also, take a look around my shop to see if there are any items that would make someone smile this holiday season!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October Freebie!

I promised I would be back with more freebies and am so pleased with how this one turned out. My friend, R, actually inspiried this print. R. mentioned on facebook that she wanted to hang this quote in her house. The quote has been floating around facebook/pinterest for a while now, but the image that went with it wasn't very cute. I wanted R. to have something cute to hang in her little girl's room. Then, since I have a baby boy, wanted to design something suitable for a boy's room too. It took me a little bit to find the perfect backgrounds/patterns to accompany the quote. Thanks ScrapOrchard for the awesome patterns! These can be printed in a variety of sizes and would look adorable framed, as part of the nursery decor, or even printed smaller as a card or to go along with a baby shower gift. In fact, this print would be the perfect addition to my baby onsie monthly milestone stickers.

 To download the blue/orange print click here
To download the polka/stripe print, click here

Please let me know if there are problems with the links, and keep checking back for new products and freebies!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Birth Announcement Layouts

Announce the arrival of your new little one with these fun new styles. They are completely customizable: choose colors that match your nursery theme, add or remove sayings such as "our sweet baby..." or  "the Smith family happily announces..." This can also be printed larger so it can be framed and hung as part of the nursery decor. It's so cute, why not? (FYI: the mark will be removed)

For questions or to order, please email me at
Also, don't forget to check out the other announcement layouts I have available.

My Idea and How it Works

What this is: A place where the ideas you have for sharing photos with friends and family become a reality.
The Idea: There are many popular websites that are available to help you create everything from collage prints to custom birth announcements. The problem is, they are so expensive! I recently priced birth announcements on a popular website: If I ordered 25 birth announcements at $2.09 a piece, my total would be over $50 and I still had to pay for shipping and the cost to mail them out. And what about those great ideas you see for customizable photographs? You either have to have a professional photographer do it for an outrageous price, or spend money on fancy photo softwear.
This is where I come in. I want to help you create custom photo products and unique prints for your home for less.

ABC Letter Cards
Special Occassions (birthday, anniversary, baptism, mother's/father's day, teacher appreciation)

*click on the links to jump to a section

For questions or to order contact Courtney at

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


From August to May you can usually find me in a classroom with my students. I love teaching and being part of the public school system. The teacher next door to me had this quote written out and I just loved it! I asked if I could steal it (that is the teacher's code: beg, borrow, and steal) to make a sign for my own classroom. I went a little crazy coming up with color schemes and thought maybe you guys might like this printable too. Maybe you know someone who is a teacher that could use this, or, I even thought, this could work for a kid's room too. It's so important to know that it's okay to not know all the answers, but it is important to do our best and keep on learning.

This is also an experiment using dropbox. Let me know if the links don't work. I hope this is the first of many more freebie printables to come, so keep checking back! And make sure to like the PeaBeeDesigns pages on Facebook to make sure you never miss out on new products and freebies!

For the blue printable, click here

For the multi-stripe printable, click here
For the red printable, click here

This is intended for personal use only. Please do not resell or use this print commercially in any form.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


***If you saw me at the home business show and want to purchase any of my products that I had in stock, please contact me directly. THANKS!****

Everyday Prints

These vibrant, fun prints are sure to brighten up any space and just right for everyday. Perfect for framing, and the high quality files allows you to print in a variety of sizes. You can even upload and print on canvas. Give as gifts or use smaller prints to make cards or tags.

 Young Women Inspirational Quotes 
This is inspiring quote from Elder Uchtdorf's talk to the general young women in 2010 is a great reminder to be strong, hopeful, and faithful. This would be a perfect addition to a young girl's bedroom decor or printed smaller to keep in her journal or scriptures
 This beautiful quote from an inspiring man will uplift the young and old alike. It comes in two designs, but with one same great message.

Designed for you child's bedroom, these are great reminders and powerful words to live by.

Customized Family Rules Print
This fun, unique play on traditional family rules would look great in any home. It's such a great way to remember the fun, little things and enjoy everyday together. This could make a great wedding or housewarming gift or just a gift for a loved one to display in their home

 This fun, funky wall print is sure to brighten up any space as it serves as a daily reminder to love yourself. This print comes in vibrant colors with a "barely there" background of green scrolls for that little something extra

A great reminder to stay positive and take on each new day head first. This print would be a great addition to any home and would make a wonderful gift too
 These daily reminders to cherish the little things in life and find joy in your journey would make a great accent to your home decor

For questions on special orders please contact Courtney @

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Special Occassions

Looking for unique, personalized gifts?  These are sure to please and be treasured forever. All prints comes in a high quality JPEG file that can be printed in a variety of sizes. They are perfect for framing or for printing on canvas.

Father's Day Subway Art Print: $7
Looking for a unique gift to honor your husband, father, or grandfather on their special day? This truly one of a kind subway art print is sure to please! Can be customized with names of family members, special dates or sayings. I can also change the color scheme and add a border, if desired.
Other Holiday Prints: $5
These fun prints add personality and style to your holiday decor. Print in a large size and frame for instant art, or print in smaller sizes to use for cards or gift tags. The possibilities are endless!

 School Days Print: $5
Celebrate school in style! This fun, modern print will brighten up any classroom, preschool, or daycare. It would even look great in your home as part of your fall or back to school decor.
This would make a great teacher appreciate gift.

"Your Song" Customized Print
Looking for a unique wedding or anniversary gift? Relive the moments and emotions associated with "your song" on a daily basis with this fun wall print. Customize with your names, wedding date and the words to your song. The fonts and colors can be changed. I can also add a border if desired.
 Important Dates:
Choose up to 10 important dates. The top 2 dates represent the couples birthdates, while the colored date represents a wedding date. Other dates could include first date, first kiss, engagement, and children's birthdays. What a special and fun way to remember the important dates in your life.

This print is available in 5 different fonts and 4 different colors. Mix and Match! Is also availabe with or without a border/ with or without the saying at the bottom. This would be a great birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's day gift...or just because!

 Mother's Subway Art print: $7

Celebrate your mother, grandmother, or great grandmother with this subway art style print. Choose your own words to describe her or use the ones in the sample. Add the names of children, grandchildren, special dates, or quotes that honor womanhood/motherhood for a truly unique gift.

Great for birthdays, Mother's Day, anniversaries, Christmas, or just because!

Baptism Subway Art Print: $5

This is a great reminder of your child's special day. Perfect as a gift for the special boy or girl from a friend or family member. This would also be a great gift from a primary presidency.

 Personalized Baptism Subway Art Print: $7
Add a little something extra to remember their special day by adding the date and ward baptized and a picture of your child. Make this extra special by using a picture of your child in their baptism outfit!

Please contact Courtney at for questions or to order.