Sunday, November 24, 2013

Easy 3D Paper Snowflakes

I recently went to an activity where someone taught me how to make these fun and easy 3D paper snowflakes. They look so cool when finished and you can make them in any color. I can't wait to make some using some fun, Christmas themed, 12x12 scrapbook paper!

Materials needed
6 sheets of paper (any color, or some of each color for a 2-tone snowflake)
a glue gun
optional: stapler

Step 1: Fold your paper so it will make a square. Cut off the extra rectangle piece at the bottom.
 Step Two: Keep your square folded in a triangle shape. Fold again into a smaller triangle.
 Step Three: Cut 3 lines into your triangle. Cut from the folded side toward the open side, stop cutting about a half inch from the opening. Don't worry if your lines aren't straight or your sections aren't perfectly spaced. You'll never be able to tell once it's finished.
 Step Four: Open your triangle.
 Step Five: Starting with the middle pieces, use hot glue to secure the two sides together.
 Step Six: Flip your paper over. Use hot glue to secure the next two sides together. Keep flipping back and forth until all the sides have been glued.
 This is what one looks like when it's finished. Repeat steps for your other pieces of paper until you have six pieces that look like this.
 When you have all six pieces glued, it's time to assemble your snowflake. Instead of thinking each piece goes side by side, you actually will lay each piece on top of each other. Match the points up at the bottom. You can hot glue them together or you can staple them (I like to staple because it helps make them sturdier). Keep laying pieces on top of each other, matching the points at the bottom up, until you've secured all six.
 You will also need to glue or staple the pieces on the sides where they touch. This also helps reinforce them so it stays together.

The finished product:

This is a fun craft for kids and adults alike. You can make tons of different sizes on plain or printed paper.

And if you need a video tutorial for these, I liked this one HERE. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PeaBeeDesigns on Groopdealz

Have you been over to the groopdealz website yet? I'm addicted to buying everything from jewelry to clothing to kids stuff on there. The deals change daily and often you've got to be quick because some things sell out fast!

I'm really excited to announce that my monthly milestone stickers are being featured on their website right now! Yes, now! So spread the word and go over and check them out. There are only limited quanities of each design, so don't delay!

Here's the link to the site and my listing.

Friday, November 1, 2013

November Freebie: The Forgotten Holiday

Well, Halloween is over so let's jump right into Christmas, shall we? Just kidding! In my opinion, Thanksgiving shouldn't be overlooked. Although if you look in the stores and turn on your radio, it's quickly becoming the forgotten holiday. Poor Thanksgiving. It feels sad. Not anymore! This wonderful holiday full of good food, family, and no gift expectations is the focus of this month's freebie. I LOVE subway art (if you haven't noticed hee-hee). It's so easy to pop it in a frame to add just the right touch to your holiday decor. Put it on a mantel or shelf, or even as part of your table centerpiece. Print smaller versions for place settings, to make dinner invitations or to attach to pies or food you're bringing to a holiday gathering as a gift for the host. So many possibilities--that's why I love it!

To download this print, click HERE

Oh-Kay...for those of you wanting to get a jump start on the other holiday coming up (the holiday that shall not be named on this blog until AFTER Thanksgiving), go HERE to make an easy and fun advent calendar.

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I also have some spots open for holiday cards. So if you're like me and like to get your cards done early, don't wait to order your custom cards designed by yours truly. I have tons of fun backgrounds, fonts, and layouts. I'm working on one right now that has 6 pictures on it as well as room for a subway style word art with your favorite memories from 2013. It looks AWESOME and will end up being way cheaper to print than ordering from one of those photo websites.