Thursday, April 26, 2012

Boy/Girl Onsie Stickers

These onsie stickers are an adorable way to capture your little one's first year. Upon payment, you will receive a high quality JPEG file delivered right to your email inbox. You then print these 4 inch circles on sticker paper at home or at your favorite printing store. Cut out stickers, apply directly to your baby's onsie, and start taking pictures! Stickers then can be used for baby books or scrapbooks.

These are 12 stickers that come packaged in a cellophane envelope with a cute topper and instructions for use on the back.
I also have a girl version available. Check out my etsy store for more details!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photo Products: Collages & Announcements

I love sharing pictures with family. What grandparent doesn't love having updated photos of their grandchild?  However, when I come away from a great photoshoot, I am always left wondering which photos to print and send out. I love all the photos, but I can't print all of them and expect them to end up on the wall and grandma's house. That's why photo collages are perfect. Put all your favorite photos in one place. Customize it with names, dates, years and other accents.

Collages can also be used to create graduation announcements or Christmas cards.
Photos by KristinaCurtis Photography, Customized by PBdesigns

These can be created to your taste-- additional styles and colors are available
Photos by VanessaRae Photography, Customized by PBdesigns

Photos by VanessaRae photography, customized by PBdesigns

Photos by Captured by Ragen Photography, customized by PBdesigns
Watch Me Grow Announcement: $10
A fun way to celebrate your little one's big day! Additional styles and sayings for all years are available.

We all want to remember those little details that made the growing up years so fun. There is no better way than to look back in memory books and see those details printed on a favorite photo. This is also a great product to give as gifts to family members to display.

For questions or to order, please contact Courtney at