Sunday, September 7, 2014

Holidays Ahead!

Usually I'm pretty anal about celebrating a holiday only during it's appropriate month, but since baby #3 is going to make a debut sometime in the next 7 weeks or so, I have been thinking ahead a little bit. Usually I would dedicate September to something back to school related (and I still might, there's a print I'm dying to do), but instead I'm thinking ahead to my very favorite holiday in October. 

I've seen several different versions of this print flying around, and decided to add a version of my own to the mix. I love this for Halloween and think it would look cute framed, hanging on a door or in a window for Trick or Treaters, or even just set out next to your bowl of candy on the front steps if you're not answering the door that night. There are several different colors to choose from, so hopefully there's one you like too.

 To download the chalkboard print, click HERE
 To download the green print, click HERE
 To download the orange/black print, click HERE
 To download the orange/color print, click HERE
 To download the purple print, click HERE

I was an English major in college and one of my favorite classes I took was my Shakespeare class. I fell in love with Macbeth (the play, not the person....I tend to like the tragedies more) and have always thought some of the quotes from the witches would make great prints to display for Halloween. I should also note, for all you diehard Shakespear fans, that I did do a slight change of the wording. (i.e. I spelled out an abbreviated word, changed thirty one to a number, and eliminated an "and" at the end)
To download the Macbeth subway art, click HERE

Happy Haunting! Don't forget to pin, like, and share this post so others can take advantage of my printables too. My etsy shop is also up and running. I have a few new items and am still taking custom orders, but I'll be limiting the amount of orders and how often I renew items after my new little goblin arrives--so order early!

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