Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Family Friendly 2014 Celebrations

Photo Credit HERE

Some of you may be like me: the days of staying up until midnight at some party or celebration are long gone. Replacing party outfits are comfy PJs. Instead of a fancy dinner we'll stay in and eat homemade/frozen appetizers and pizza. Dancing with my current crush is replaced with dancing with Mr. Right and the two kiddos. And the party music will most definitely be kid friendly. 

 With two young children who just celebrated a pretty big holiday last week, I don't want to do anything too spendy or over the top. We won't have anyone coming over so it will be just the four of us. But this doesn't mean that New Years Eve can't be memorable or fun.

I took this week off from designing anything new, so these ideas are not mine. I love this person's approach to a fun, family friendly New Year's Eve. The ideas are simple and perfect for my kids. You can find her New Year's Eve party plan HERE. She also links over to another website where you can download a PDF for a "Year in Review" Page for each member of your family to fill out.

Midnight may come at 9pm for us, but you can be sure we'll be making memories and hopefully some new traditions too.