Friday, November 1, 2013

November Freebie: The Forgotten Holiday

Well, Halloween is over so let's jump right into Christmas, shall we? Just kidding! In my opinion, Thanksgiving shouldn't be overlooked. Although if you look in the stores and turn on your radio, it's quickly becoming the forgotten holiday. Poor Thanksgiving. It feels sad. Not anymore! This wonderful holiday full of good food, family, and no gift expectations is the focus of this month's freebie. I LOVE subway art (if you haven't noticed hee-hee). It's so easy to pop it in a frame to add just the right touch to your holiday decor. Put it on a mantel or shelf, or even as part of your table centerpiece. Print smaller versions for place settings, to make dinner invitations or to attach to pies or food you're bringing to a holiday gathering as a gift for the host. So many possibilities--that's why I love it!

To download this print, click HERE

Oh-Kay...for those of you wanting to get a jump start on the other holiday coming up (the holiday that shall not be named on this blog until AFTER Thanksgiving), go HERE to make an easy and fun advent calendar.

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I also have some spots open for holiday cards. So if you're like me and like to get your cards done early, don't wait to order your custom cards designed by yours truly. I have tons of fun backgrounds, fonts, and layouts. I'm working on one right now that has 6 pictures on it as well as room for a subway style word art with your favorite memories from 2013. It looks AWESOME and will end up being way cheaper to print than ordering from one of those photo websites.