Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Two Freebie Printables, No Foolin'!

Living in Utah, one of my favorite places is Temple Square in Salt Lake City. There are so many free, fun things to do and see. Just looking at the temple itself is beautiful with its style and architecture. In the LDS church there is an organization especially for young women. Each year there is a theme and activities for the young women are based around this theme. In 2013 the theme is "Stand Ye In Holy Places and Be Not Moved" There are many places that can be considered holy. Our homes can be a safe haven from the world; of course we want church to be considered a holy place--a place where we can come and worship as we please and feel uplifted. And in our faith, we believe the holiest place is the temple. These are sacred places and even just walking around the temple grounds, you can feel the spirit that testifies to you that this is a special place. I recently visited Temple Square and took this picture of the doors to the temple. Isn't the detail work beautiful? I decide to make a printable from this picture to go with the Young Women theme.

To download this printable, click HERE
And I don't know about where you are, but we have been getting hit with some major spring showers lately. As long as it doesn't turn into snow, I won't complain too much :) Perhaps my longing for the sun inspired this month's freebie printable.  I love this quote. When I just think about my face basking in the warm sunlight, I feel uplifted and more positive about the day. I hope we can remember to stay positive, no matter what our trials and circumstances are. Do you know someone who needs to hear this quote? Print a small version, bake some lemon bars or other "spring"-time treat and it will make the perfect pick me up!
To download this printable, click HERE
Please remember that these prints, along with all others, are meant for personal use only. They cannot be used commercially in any form. Don't forget to check out my shop. I am also excited because I am working on a fun giveaway! I am still working on getting the final details together, but it's going to be a really good one! Be sure to check back, and like the peabeedesigns page on Facebook so you will know when the giveaway starts, and, of course, when new freebies and products are announced. Happy Spring!