Saturday, July 11, 2015

Is this your summer motto?

Summer is always a tricky balance between work and play. There is no magic formula for finding that "right" balance that works for your kids/family situation, but our family motto of "work hard, play hard" seems to do the trick. Before we play, we do chores (for a great printable chore chart, go HERE) and do some summer "mommy school" to keep up on math and reading skills. Sometimes we have to grocery shop. Sometimes I tell my kids they can't play until their attitude is better. Sometimes they push my buttons and get friend privileges taken away. Sometimes I need to remember to just let them be kids and enjoy the magic of childhood. Like I said, it's a tricky balance.

Do you have any little pirates at your house? I do and loved the way the white font on the distressed background turned out for this month's printable. It's the work hard, play hard motto in kid language-- perfect for our little sailors and pirates who are always on the hunt for the real treasure: that perfect summer day.
To download the orange print, click HERE

 For the blue print, click HERE
For the gray print, click HERE

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